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ECTC is a dynamic group of erosion control professionals. Select the membership category that fits your company. The link will take you to the online membership application form. You will be asked to enter your email.

If your email is already in ECTC's database, you will be prompted to enter a password. Click "Forgot Password" to obtain the computer assigned password.

If your email is not in ECTC's database, you will be prompted to set up an account.

ECTC Membership Categories

Directing Members

Open to those manufacturers of RECPs, HECPs or SRFRs. Applicants need to petition the current Directing Membership for approval. The membership dues are $6,500 per year.

Associate Directing Membership

Manufacturers of RECPs, HECPs or SRFRs that choose not to be a Directing Member, or manufacturers of one or more components of any or all of the products within one or more of the products. Applicants need to petition the current Directing Membership for approval. The membership dues are $4,500 per year.

General Membership

Distributors and representative agencies of RECPs, HECPs and/or SRFRs, testing laboratories, contracting and engineering firms, and government agencies. The membership dues are $500 per year.

Individual Supporting Membership

Any individual person having an interest in the erosion control industry such as contractors, educators, consultants and peripheral industry members. The membership dues are $150 and are pro-rated based on a calendar year.

Five Reasons to be an ECTC Member

Make a difference

Become an ECTC member and be part of the most influential voice in the erosion control industry. ECTC has developed specifications for erosion control products that are adopted by specifiers and used to categorize products. ECTC members set the standards the rest of the industry follows.

Advance the industry

ECTC promotes the use of rolled erosion control products, hydraulic erosion control products, and sediment retention fibers rolls by placing stories and articles in magazines and websites that specifiers and contractors use to educate themselves on erosion techniques.

Interact with other industry professionals

ECTC meetings provide you with the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with other attendees. ECTC uses e-mail as its primary communication tool between meetings; however, in-person interaction is still a powerful way to increase your business.

Increase your influence

Being an ECTC member lets your customers know that you belong to an organization dedicated to educating customers about the advantages of using engineered erosion control solutions to solve their erosion problems.

Learn what the innovative leaders know

ECTC will help keep you in touch with what is happening with legislative and regulatory issues that affect the erosion industry. We send this information out as it becomes available.

Benefits Individual Supporting General Member  
Associate Directing Member Directing Member

 Company Listing on ECTC website & link to your company website.

Help direct the development of specifications and installation guidelines for HECPs, SRFRs, and RECPs

 Vote at Committee Level (Tier 1)

 Invitation to open meetings of the Association (excludes Board of Directors & Directing Members meetings)

 Use of ECTC logo on company literature & promotional pieces

 Vote at Associate Directing and Directing Member level (Tier 2)


 Candidate for Board of Directors seats


 Participant in the Market Data survey and vote on respective market data issues


 Product listing on website for the Product Selection & Design Tool